Project Management

Effective project management

Project management

For effective project management of any kind of remedial work, 
please call Home Counties Inspections Ltd today on 
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Construction management

any work can be managed

If your Survey & Risk Assessment highlights some requirements, or you simply wish to upgrade or improve your systems, we can effectively manage your project. We can specify and competitively tender your major works. (They don't even need to be fire related. They could be simply redecoration or reroofing - in fact, anything that you need to seek tenders for.) We can also provide all your Landlord and Tenant reporting and consulting documents and circulate the results of the tenders to all interested parties. We can then appoint the Contractor manage and supervise the works, check all is completed and even issue the certificates for payment.

Leave things to us

  • Management of all major works 
  • Competitive tendering 
  • Financial management - payments, certificates of completion 
  • Supervision of works 
  • Scheduling and programming the works 
  • Landlord and Tenant reporting and consulting documentation
We are sure that in every case the competitively tendered project will be substantially cheaper, of higher quality, finished on time and within budget.
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