Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessment

Ensure that you are compliant with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
by having a fire risk assessment. Call Home Counties Inspections Ltd today on 
 0203 829 9835

Risk assessment experts

The assessment itself

Home Counties Inspections Ltd undertakes comprehensive fire safety risk assessments to provide you with information, electronic copies and written documentation with digital colour photographs which can be used for both client reference and insurance purposes; all to ensure you are property fire risk and fire safety compliant.

To conduct the fire risk assessment, a fire risk assessor will visit your property and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of the property, looking at all areas of fire safety and risk in detail. This would include:
  • Property age and condition
  • Property construction details
  • Persons at risk
  • Potential fire safety hazards and risk, ignition sources and combustible materials
  • Fire prevention and management
  • Fire safety signage
  • Fire safety equipment and maintenance
  • Fire training and drills
  • Means of escape in the event of a fire
  • Deficiencies in existing fire safety and fire precautions
  • An evaluation of your existing emergency fire procedures, training drills

Red - amber - Green priority

We aim to provide the survey report within five working days after the fire assessment visit, and prices start from as little as £250. We also offer telephone support for any fire risk or fire safety questions you may have following our assessment, for your further peace of mind. We provide all our customers with a clear and easy to understand 100 point fire risk assessment report. This satisfies regulatory requirements and prioritises our findings with a clear Red - Amber - Green traffic light priority system to allow you to deal with any problems, or potential problems, as quickly as possible.
Putting out a fire
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